Here at Kiss My Grass, we put quality above everything else, to ensure that each and every one of our customers are delighted with their purchase.


We want all of our customers to receive the best possible quality flower bulbs, for the best possible spring flowers. That means each variety is carefully selected and quality checked for bulbs to produce bigger and better blooms. See below what sets us apart from the competition.



Supply, Storage and Distribution

Most of our decorative bulbs, such as tulips, are sourced directly from growers in the Netherlands. Bulbs are carefully harvested in the middle of the summer and stored in a temperature-controlled environment – to ensure the bulbs neither dry out nor become too wet and generate mould. The bulbs are then shipped to our warehouse in the early autumn and quickly despatched to our customers to keep time in transit to a minimum.



As well as procuring stock directly from the Netherlands, we are passionate about supporting British farming and businesses. Therefore, many of our daffodil bulbs are grown right here in Lincolnshire, allowing us to see the actual crops through the growing season. Bluebells, snowdrops and other wildflower bulbs are sourced from around the UK, ensuring you only receive great quality, native varieties and that we are doing our bit to support our treasured wildflower species.



Autumn bulbs available for pre-ordernow 


Size Does Matter!

When it comes to flower bulbs, the old saying really is true – size DOES matter! So much so that it is by far the single-most-important indicator of bulb quality, and therefore the most important attribute to look out for when buying bulbs. Put simply, larger bulbs contain more energy and more food for the plant. The bigger the better!


Our top size flower bulbs being the following benefits: 


  •      Bigger, stronger blooms
  •      Flowers in the first spring after planting
  •      Increased chances of flowering for more than one year
  •      Larger tulip bulbs produce larger flower heads on stronger stems
  •      Larger daffodil bulbs produce multiple stems and multiple flower-heads


Here at KissMy Grass, we know the value of larger bulbs and therefore select the biggest bulbs available in the market, and list these on all of our products for our customers to see. Compare bulb sizes to other suppliers and you will see we offer significantly larger bulbs. Buying cheaper, smaller bulbs really is a false economy.


Bulb sizes on our website relate to the circumference of the bulb at the widest point, and are graded using specialist bulb graders – ensuring your bulbs are always a minimum of the size indicated. Those that don’t make the grade are planted back for future years. 


We're really proud of the quality of our bulbs and we love talking about them, so please don't hesitate to get in touch for any further information.

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