Wildflower Bulbs 'In The Green'

Buy wildflower bulbs "In The Green" online from a professional, quality supplier. Compare the size of our wildflower bulbs and you'll see that nobody supplies better quality flower bulbs for such fantastic prices. Kiss My Grass supply professional quality wildflower bulbs "In The Green".

Give us a call on 01205 281909 if you need advice or can't find what you're looking for.

Our wildflower bulbs supplied as "In The Green" will be available for pre- order from November 2020 onwards. These will be dispatched from January 2021.

Depending on when the bulbs are ordered and lifted, bulbs are at different growth stages. For more information view of bulbs in the green information.

Lily of the Valley Bulbs (Convallaria majalis) enlarge image

Lily of the Valley Bulbs (Convallaria majalis)

Spring grown with white bell, shaped flowers of about 5-10mm diameter. Lily of the Valley are renowned for their unique sweet scent and bright flower.

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