Daffodil & Narcissi Bulbs

Buy quality daffodil and narcissi bulbs online at wholesale prices. Kiss My Grass supply large, professional quality bulbs to produce better blooms and quantity of flowers. Don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01205 281909 if you need any advice or can't find what you're looking for.


Approximate bulbs in each pack size: 20kg contains 400-425 bulbs, 10kg contains 180-200 bulbs.

Mixed Daffodil & Narcissi Bulbs enlarge image

Mixed Daffodil & Narcissi Bulbs

Category: Daffodil and Narcissi
Variety: Mixed, includes a good range of named varieties
Height: 35-40cm
Bulb Size: (cm) 14/16
Blooms: March / April 

Actaea Narcissi Bulbs enlarge image

Actaea Narcissi Bulbs

Category: Poeticus

Variety: Actaea

Description: Bright white flowers and a neat yellow cup with a delicate red edging. Late flowering with a delightful fragrance, excellent as a cut flower.

Height: 35cm
Bulb Size: 14/16cm 
Blooms: March/April

Dutch Master Daffodil Bulbs enlarge image

Dutch Master Daffodil Bulbs

Category: Yellow Trumpeted
Variety: Dutch Master
Description: Deep golden yellow
Height (cm): 40cm
Bulb Size (cm): 12 / 14cm
Blooms: March/ April

Fortissimo Narcissi Bulbs enlarge image

Fortissimo Narcissi Bulbs

Category: Large Cupped Narcissi (Yellow Perianth)
Variety: Fortissimo
Description: Terrific large blooms up to 12cm across form in mid Spring. A proven variety for landscaping and gardens.
Height: 35cm 
Bulb Size: 14/16cm
Blooms: late March

Golden Ducat Daffodil Bulbs enlarge image

Golden Ducat Daffodil Bulbs

Category: Double Daffodil
Variety: Golden Ducat
Description: A midseason daffodil, with showy, double blooms. Golden petal segments are pointed and appear in layers. Stems may bear more than one flower.
Height (cm): 35cm
Bulb Size: (cm) 14/16
Blooms: March / April

Mount Hood Daffodil Bulbs enlarge image

Mount Hood Daffodil Bulbs

Category: White Trumpeted
Variety: Mount Hood
Description: White frill trumpet
Height (cm): 35cm
Bulb Size (cm):
12 / 14cm
Blooms: April
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Tahiti Daffodil Bulbs enlarge image

Tahiti Daffodil Bulbs

Category: Double Daffodil
Variety: Tahiti
Description: Rich golden yellow, mixed with orange red centre
Height (cm): 45cm
Bulb Size (cm): 14/16cm
Blooms: March/April

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