Wildflower Bulbs 'In The Green'

Buy quality 'In The Green' flower bulbs online at wholesale prices. Here at Kiss My Grass, we're proud to supply large, professional quality bulbs to produce better blooms and quantity of flowers. Find out more about what makes our bulbs stand out from the crowd by visiting our quality page.


Depending on when the bulbs are ordered and lifted, bulbs are at different growth stages.


Ready to order from November, for delivery January 2024

Bulb Fibre
Sept 2024 Delivery

Bulb Fibre

Our Bulb Fibre is specifically designed to help bulbs establish in pots, borders and containers. The open and free draining structure ensures the bulbs do not rot.
  • Universal bulb planting compost
  • Ideal for planting with Hyacinths, Daffodils, Narcissi, Crocus and other spring flowering bulbs
  • 500gm bag - Pack will be sufficient for 3 x 1 litre pots
Bulb Planter
Sept 2024 Delivery

Bulb Planter

Cleaner, quicker and easier, our bulb planter will help you get those spring flowering bulbs in the ground in no time. Easy to use our planter will also help save you time, creating a neat hole for the bulb to drop straight in.
  • Made of high quality steel
  • Automatic release on handle
  • Duroplast coating - impact, elastic, abrasion, and corrosion - resistant
  • Depth Scale

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