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Bulk buy quality allium bulbs online at wholesale prices. Kiss My Grass supply large, professional quality bulbs to produce better blooms and quantity of flowers.


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Gladiator Allium Bulbs - Bulk Buy enlarge image

Gladiator Allium Bulbs - Bulk Buy

Ideal for planting in a border in groups, has enormous lilac/purple globe heads up to 15cm across and over a metre high - ideal as a cut flower.


Bulb Size: 16/18 cm

Height: 100-120 cm

Blooms: June

Nectaroscordum Allium Bulbs - Bulk Buy enlarge image

Nectaroscordum Allium Bulbs - Bulk Buy

Known as Siculum or Honey Lily. Has unusual long stalked, bell shaped hanging flowers combining cream, pink and green tints, followed by decorative erect seed pods in late summer. Also known as Allium bulgaricum.


Bulb Size (cm): 8/10cm
Height (cm): 75cm
Blooms: late May

Nigrum Allium Bulbs - Bulk Buy enlarge image

Nigrum Allium Bulbs - Bulk Buy

Nigrum have a white/green globe flower head and would be a contrast to other Alliums in a flower border.


Bulb Size: 10cm

Height: 60cm

Blooms: May/June

Wild Garlic Bulbs (Allium ursinum) - Bulk Buy enlarge image

Wild Garlic Bulbs (Allium ursinum) - Bulk Buy

A wild relative of chives, Wild Garlic (or Ramsons) grows from a small bulb and often spreads to form large clumps. It can be found in damp woods, scrub, hedges and on shady banks, where its garlicky aroma will fill the air. The leaves are edible but have a surprisingly mild flavour.

  • This is an excellent plant for ground cover in a wet corner of the garden. 
  • These wild garlic bulbs are UK native
Bulb Planter enlarge image

Bulb Planter

  • Made of high quality steel
  • Automatic release on handle
  • Duroplast coating - impact, elastic, abrasion, and corrosion - resistant
  • Depth Scale

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