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Ballerina Tulip Bulbs enlarge image

Ballerina Tulip Bulbs

Category: Lily Flowering
Variety: Ballerina 
Description: Bright orange
Height: 50cm Bulb Size: 12/14cm
Blooms: May

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Blue Diamond Tulip Bulbs enlarge image

Blue Diamond Tulip Bulbs

Category: Double Early
Variety: Blue Diamond (Purple-Violet)
Description: Purple-violet
Height: 40cm.  Bulb Size: 12/14m
Blooms: April

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Burgundy Tulip Bulbs enlarge image

Burgundy Tulip Bulbs

Category: Lily Flowering

Variety: Burgundy

Description:An impressive tulip witrh slender fluted flowers with dark, deep, rich purple and red tones. 

Height: 50 cm  Bulb Size: 12/14cm

Blooms:  Mid May

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Don Quichotte Tulip Bulbs enlarge image

Don Quichotte Tulip Bulbs

Category: Triumph
Variety: Don Quichotte

Description: The large rich rose pink flowers have a glistening purple sheen and perform year on year.

Height: 40cm  Bulb Size: 12/14 cm

Blooms: April/May

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Estella Rijnveld Tulip Bulbs enlarge image

Estella Rijnveld Tulip Bulbs

Variety: Estella Rijnveld
Description: A parrot tulip type variety, with vivid red and white rippled petals, this will create a centrepiece in any border.
Height: 50cm Bulb Size: 12/14cm
Blooms: May

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Golden Apeldoorn Tulip Bulbs enlarge image

Golden Apeldoorn Tulip Bulbs

Category: Darwin Hybrid
Variety: Golden Apeldoorn
Description: Golden yellow
Height: 60cm.  Bulb Size: 12/14cm
Blooms: early May

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Peter de Leur Tulip Bulbs enlarge image

Peter de Leur Tulip Bulbs

Category: Lily Flowering
Variety: Peter de Leur
Description: Rich, intense scarlet red blooms with a lily like form
Height: 55cm Bulb Size: 12/14cm
Blooms: May

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