Bulk Bird Food Offers

These special offers are designed to help you save time and money when buying your bird foods without compromising on quality or speed of service. All of our products are of the highest quality and will be dispatched within 24 hours of your order.

If you are looking to buy bulk bird seed and none of our special offers fill your requirements then fill out a contact form with your requests and we will see if we can find you the best offer available.

KMG Wheat Free Bird Food Mixture enlarge image

KMG Wheat Free Bird Food Mixture

  • Our Wheat Free Wild Bird Seed Mixture is great for attracting smaller birds all year round such as Songbirds and Finches.
  • Containing high-energy sunflower seeds along with seeds such as Safflower; this mix of nine high-quality ingredients is a must-have for any bird enthusiast.
  • Suitable to use in feeders, from tables or on the ground
  • Content Details: Black Sunflower, Red Dari, Small Striped Sunflower, Sunflower Hearts, Kibbled Maize, Yellow Millet, Red Millet, Safflower, Canary Seed
KMG Economy Bird Food Pack

KMG Economy Bird Food Pack

  • Our Economy Bird Food Pack has been put together for those who are passionate about caring for wild birds but don't neccesarily have the money to constantly keep replenishing their supplies. 
  • It will keep wild birds returning to your garden and not only save you money but also time.

This pack will include: 

KMG Mega Bird Food Combo

KMG Mega Bird Food Combo

KMG Sunflower Seeds Special Offer

KMG Sunflower Seeds Special Offer

  • Our Sunflower Seed Combination Pack is a great way to save money when purchasing your bird food supplies.
  • Sunflower seeds provide a rich source of oil for birds as well as a very high level of protein.

This pack will include:  

KMG Table Top Teaser enlarge image

KMG Table Top Teaser

  • Our Table Top Teaser is a time-saving and money-saving way to stock up on all your bird food needs for the colder months of the year. 
  • This collection of high-quality bird foods has everything you need for attracting, feeding and caring for a huge variety of wild birds when they really need it most.
  • This pack will include:

  • 12.75kg Robin & Songbird
  • 12.75kg Premium Bird Food 
  • 12.75kg High Energy
  • 20kg Premium Sunflower Hearts

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