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Over the years we have quoted many bespoke grass seed and wildflower mixtures for various clients. Here are a few of the more popular recommendations. 

KMG Caravan Park Grass Seed enlarge image
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KMG Caravan Park Grass Seed

  • Client - Weymouth Bay Holiday Park
  • Location - Weymouth, Dorset
  • Mixture name - Renovator
  • Easy to establish and hard wearing grass seed mixture, commonly used to repair and renovate.
  • Sowing Rate - 100kg /acre
KMG Groundcover (prior to woodland conversion) enlarge image

KMG Groundcover (prior to woodland conversion)

  • Client - R D T Woodlands/ Marston Vale Trust
  • Location - Forest of Marston Vale, Bedfordshire
  • Mixture name - Marston Vale Pollen and Nectar & Marston Vale Wildflower Mixture
  • Mixtures to provide a suitable cover in which to establish trees and provide foundation for a long term diverse habitat for invertebrates, birds and small mammals.
  • Sowing Rate - Pollen & Nector = 8kg /acre
                             -Wildflower Mixture = 5g /m2
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KMG Leisure Park Grass Seed

  • Client - Woody's Adventure World
  • Location - Doncaster, South Yorkshire
  • Mixture name - ELS2 Buffer Strip and Field Corner
  • Mixture type - To establish a natural sward on the high banks shielding the park from the view and noise of traffic.
  • Sowing Rate - 8kg /acre
KMG Marsh Land Seed Mixture enlarge image

KMG Marsh Land Seed Mixture

  • Client - The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB)
  • Location - Frampton Marsh, Boston, Lincolnshire
  • Mixture name - Special Wild Bird Seed Mixture
  • Mixture type - This seed mixture is designed to provide ground cover in marshy, exposed areas and attract wild birds.
  • Sowing Rate - 50kg per hectare


KMG Mediterranean Lawn Seed enlarge image

KMG Mediterranean Lawn Seed

  • For warmer, sunnier climates (ie Cyprus, Italy, Portugal, southern France, Spain)
  • Would require regular watering during drought periods.
  • Contains 70% amenity tall fescue, 10% slender red fescue and 20% amenity turf perennial ryegrass.
  • 20kg will cover 400-500m2 if sown at 40-50 grm/m2
  • Mowing height 25-50mm
KMG Pipeline Reinstatement enlarge image

KMG Pipeline Reinstatement

  • Client - J Murphy and Sons
  • Location - Farningham to Hadlow, Kent
  • Mixture name - Fairlawne Park Grass Seed Mixture, Semi-Improved Pasture Grass Seed Mixture, Stewardship Specie Rich Grasses Mixture and Horse & Classic Horse Paddock Seed Mixture
  • A range of mixtures 'mixed and matched' to reinstate the varying local environs affected by the new pipeline.
  • Sowing Rate -

Mixture contents and information

KMG River Bank Reinstatement enlarge image

KMG River Bank Reinstatement

  • Client - Environment Agency
  • Location - Cambridgeshire Fens
  • Mixture name - EA Special Mixture No.4 -ryegrass based or EA Special Mixture No.10 - no ryegrass 
  • Robust, deep-rooted and quick establishing grass mixtures for use along the banks and surrounds of waterways.
  • Sowing Rate - 16kg /acre

Mixture contents and information

KMG Soccer Pitch Renovation enlarge image
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KMG Soccer Pitch Renovation

  • Client - Boston United FC
  • Location - Boston, Lincolnshire
  • Mixture name - Renovator
  • Renovator is an excellent end of season repair mixture for overseeding soccer pitches. Groundsman, Nobby Croston, visited Wembley Stadium to collect his trophy for coming third in the National Non-League Best Playing Surface.
  • Sowing Rate - 100kg /acre
KMG Whipsnade Zoo enlarge image
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KMG Whipsnade Zoo

  • Client - The Zoological Society of London
  • Location - Whipsnade Animal Park, Bedfordshire
  • Mixture name - Wildflower Meadow & Field Margin or BS4 Damp Loamy Soil Wildflower Mixture
  • To provide a suitable and natural environment for corncrake chicks to thrive.The project involves releasing hand-reared corncrakes which have been bred and reared at Whipsnade Zoo and then transferred as chicks to rearing pens at the Nene Washes.
  • Sowing Rate - Wildflower Meadow 20kg /acre or BS4 @ 5 grammes/m2
KMG Woodland Trust enlarge image

KMG Woodland Trust

  • Client - Woodland Trust
  • Location - Heartwood Forest, Hertfordshire
  • Mixture name - Heartwood Special Grass Seed Mixture or BS9 Cornfield Annuals
  • A grass seed mixture to be established before trees will be planted, or a cornfield annual mixture to provide visual impact in amenity areas.
  • Sowing Rate - Grass seed mix 12kg /acre, Cornfield Annuals @ 3 grammes/m2                      

Mixture contents and information

KMGW 100% Wildflower Wedding Favours enlarge image
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KMGW 100% Wildflower Wedding Favours

For something different we offer a range of Wildflower mixes that would make ideal wedding favours if planted into small pots/pails, or even put into pouches for your guests to plant the seed and watch them grow for themselves. We would recommend using either the BS9 100% Cornfield Annuals or the BSX 100% Dual Purpose Wildflower Seed Mixture for "instant" colour. As a guide 100 grams should be sufficient for around 40 guests.



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